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Elsewhere: First Day of Spring

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Sidewalk Chalk

It’s officially spring, my almost-favorite season (I imagine fall will always hold the top spot in my heart). In the spirit of spring cleaning and fresh starts, I’m finally clearing out my RSS feed and posting links that I keep meaning to share.

I am so glad that Kerri introduced me to Simcha Fischer’s writing. Among my favorite articles so far are “Eight Lessons of Pregnancy That Everyone—Yes, Everyone!—Can Use” (seriously, such a good read for anyone) and “A Little Proof of a Large Thing.”

This yarn trail is such a fun idea. I am thinking I might use it for an Easter egg hunt this year, since we don’t have any birthdays coming up.

I’m always looking for strategies to feed my increasingly picky eaters. (I don’t understand why they are so picky, apart from the fact that, well, they’re kids. I seriously have tried everything I’ve ever heard of/read about/felt to be true for instilling not-pickiness in them. And yet . . .)

Probably the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard—especially precious as we have welcomed Clara into our family and as we anticipate her baptism in the next couple of months.

One of those important moments when philosophy meets reality.

I admit I am rather proud of the fact that I know the difference between an excavator and a payloader and the names of all the Thomas the Train friends. I, too, speak boy.


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A list of links that have caught my eye over the past month* or so. *I hope to make this a more regular feature, so maybe I can work that “month or so” down to “week or so.”

This is old news by now, but the Pioneer Woman picked one of my photos for one of the groups in her recent Water assignment. I was (and still am) thrilled. (She also used it for the thumbnail for the entry, so it’s still featured when you find the article in her archives.)

Obvious Tips for Not-Very-Good Homemakers (a regular feature on the blog Every Day I Write the Book) makes me feel normal. I especially like this installment. (HT to Rebecca for e-mailing me the link.)

Mila’s Daydreams is hands-down the cutest site on the Internet, and I mean that in the best sense. Mila’s mommy tries to imagine what the little babe is dreaming about. It’s truly wonderful. I really love them all, but these are my favorites (so far). Via

Sarah has a nice entry (with lots of links) about World Breastfeeding Week (August 1–7). Ian and I will be celebrating several times a day all week long.

I really liked this article about apologizing to kids. Unfortunately it’s something I need to do more often than I want to admit. For specifics, I’ve really been trying to follow my dear friend Jamie’s example.

The Pen Story makes me want to go out and buy film and shoot it all up and develop it old-school. (Simon and I have watched this delightful stop-motion video five or six times.) Via


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If you grew up in an evangelical household (like I did), chances are that at least once you woke up, couldn’t find anyone in your family, and became convinced the Rapture had occurred and you had been Left Behind. This article made me smile.

I’m jealous. Whenever I post a plea for reading recommendations, I get a handful. And not that I’m not grateful for those, because I am, but Abraham got 134 (and counting).

Soule Mama has started a new project called Mama to Mama with the purpose of “connecting handcrafters with mothers, families, and children in need of a little handmade love.” The first project is making infant caps for newborns in Haiti.

Sarah recommends Maxed Out, a film about the dangers of credit card debt. And Jeff has started a blog with ideas about how to enjoy dining, travel, and cultural opportunities on a tight budget.

I would love to do all my Christmas shopping on Etsy. They’re kind of random, but I find these coffee sweaters charming.

The Weepies are Muppefied. I so want Muppets of our family!

Elsewhere: Post-election edition

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Jason and I were talking earlier, and we agreed that even though it’s only been four days since the election, it feels like a lot longer. I don’t mind talking about politics, but I prefer to do so face-to-face. Still, I didn’t want to let this historic moment pass without any comment. The following are a few things that I found worth reading and looking at over the past few days.

Abraham and Molly Piper’s three-year-old son Orison had some thoughts about the new president. He also had some difficulty pronouncing Obama’s first name.

Over the Rhine wonders what it would be like “If a Song Could Be President”. Via

Caron always has a way of saying what needs to be said.

This permanent resident talks about what it was like to not be able to vote. The last line in her entry was especially affecting for me.

One of the things I liked about this election was that it brought about some really good conversations with Jason, some of which have spilled over onto his site.

Even if the numbers end up being more liked 53/46, this is an interesting project. Via

Rich Nathan, the senior pastor of the Vineyard Church in Columbus, sent a letter to Obama upon his election.

Even though I’m really glad that the campaign is over, I’m looking forward to reading this Newsweek article about it. Via

Finally, I love this picture of the Obamas. Via And this one, too.


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A few of the things that have caught my attention in the last week or so:

I woke up with this catchy little number in my head this morning. But by now it’s been replaced by this one, which, by the way, is my favorite thing I’ve seen on the Internet in a long time. (Both via my hip husband.)

I’d love to have several hours to play around on this site. Via.

I scored a 22 on this Color IQ test.. Not bad, but I could probably do better. Via.

I keep meaning to see if Barnes and Noble (Nobel?) carries this beautiful magazine.  A subscription is definitely going on my wish list. Via.

And, finally, a few things I’m filing away for my parenting future: on playing it safe, on letting go, on taking on challenges, and on keeping it real..

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