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As we were getting in the van, buckling in, and preparing to drive blast off:

Simon: Calling all astronauts!
Ian: Aaasstronauts, where aaarrreee you?
Simon: Come in, astronauts!
Ian: Aaasstronauts! Where aaaarrreee you?
Simon: Okay, let’s go!
Ian: Let’s fly this thing!

Later, after many exchanges on our “radios” (baby monitor/remote control/phone), including fixing the landing gear, brakes, and flat tires several times and bouncing kisses and hugs off of the rearview mirror:

Simon: Astronaut Mommy! Come in, Astronaut Mommy!
Me: Astronaut Mommy here. What do you need, Astronaut Simon?
Simon: Watch out for the bad spaceship flyers!
Me: Okay, I see them. I’m going to try to lose them.
Simon: Don’t worry. The bad guys can’t see me. I’m covered in hugs.
Ian: No worry, Mommy Astronaut, I covered in [unintelligible].
Me: You’re covered in what, Ian?
Ian: In [unintelligible]!
Me: You’re covered in *ideas*? [Because that would be awesome].
Ian: No! [Unintelligible]!
Simon: He says he’s covered in trees.
Me: Trees?
Ian: Yeah, trees.

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