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He knows me too well

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So Jason built Simon a raygun out of Simon’s new Duplo blocks:

Him: Bweu, bweu, bweu, bweu. Simon, this is a raygun.
Me: Honey, I don’t want him to know about guns yet.
Him: Simon, we never shoot people with this raygun, only bad robots. Bweu, bweu, bweu, bweu.
Me: Still. No.
Him: Simon, this is what you use to protect Mommy from bad robots.
Me: Awwwwww. Well, okay.


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Simon and Livia have a great time together. He absolutely lights up whenever she is around, and she calls him “my little brother who lives next door.” Truly delightful.

The Darndest Things

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Some friends of ours had a Christmas get together this weekend, and when they told their three-year-old, Micah, who would be coming to the party, he decided that he wanted to make a card for Simon (or, in his words, for “whoever Simon is”). When we arrived, we introduced Simon, and Micah eagerly presented his card. With some prompting from his mom, he explained to us that the lines coming from the side of the tree are Happy Lines—a feature his Sunday school teacher taught him to use. But the lines coming out of the bottom of the tree were his own invention: Stinky Toots. Of course.

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