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For the Love of Books

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Simon is a kid of many passions: his first love was airplanes, followed by trains, then specifically Thomas the Tank Engine and company, then Bob the Builder especially and construction more generally; sprinkled in there have been bursts of interest in the guitar. Ian, on the other hand, has yet to really get into any one thing. He likes things that go—trucks and tractors and trains and such—and he pays careful attention to animals, but there’s hasn’t really been anything that stands out as his current kick in the same way.

We have, however, noticed that the child loves books. Loves. Books. He usually “reads” to himself for a half hour or so before falling asleep for naps or for the night, and when we go to fetch him from his crib, more often than not, he is already awake and quietly looking through his books. He’s even been known to page through a book in the dark.

Last night Jason let him keep his light on, and when we went to bed a while later, we found him like this:


Better yet, though, this morning, this is how Jason found our little scholar:

Book love

In the hustle and bustle of getting dressed this morning, I saw him already trailing after Jason with two books under his arm and begging, “Ree boo? Ree boo?” I don’t think Jason probably had time to read to him before all five of us got out the door before 9 am, but, man, that’s a hard request to turn down. I suppose it goes without saying, but I hope he is always so excited about reading.

Boys’ Birthdays: Sneak Peek

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We decided this year to celebrate the boys’ birthdays (Ian turned 2 on 12/28 and Simon will be 4 on 1/30) with a joint party for both of them. Because of scheduling conflicts, we had to celebrate with the Carlson side this week and wait to celebrate with the Moreheads next week. I plan on making the same (awesome) cake, so I’m going to hold off posting pics until we’ve had parts 1 and 2 of the birthday bash. But I couldn’t resist sharing just one.

When Ian heard his name in the Happy Birthday song, he was genuinely surprised and delighted and started laughing. It was such a sweet, innocent moment—one of my favorites in a very good day.

Ian surprised

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