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As Crunchy as I Want to Be

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I’m so, so far from the most consistently green/crunchy person around (or, really, the most consistently *anything* person). But as I do make changes in my life—ever so slowly so much of the time—they do tend toward the health-conscious, the environmentally responsible, and the frugal side of things. Perhaps that’s obvious, as it’d be hard to imagine someone consciously making decisions in the opposite direction, but just go with me on this. In theory, I’d like to be considerably more crunchy than I am/we are as a family. But realistically, there are so many aspects to consider—so many habits, so many products, so many projects, so many ideas, so many opinions, so much information—and I know from experience that if I try to make too many changes too fast I get way overwhelmed and end up paralyzed and discouraged.

Some changes seem to take a long time brewing. After considering (and not doing) it for at least three years, we finally took the plunge to participate in a CSA this summer. It has been quite a challenge—in a good way—to use all the beautiful vegetables that we get in the box each week. The best surprise has been how much the boys (especially Ian) have taken to the veggies; I had to cut Ian off of beet greens because I worried what all the fiber would do to his little digestive system.

First CSA box (5.26.11)

Other changes are more along the lines of impulse buys. A few days ago I found a recipe for homemade toothpaste on Pinterest and thought it sounded magical. Plus I had a little helper eager to stir the “gredients.” (He also looks like he could host a cooking show. I would totally watch that.)


And, oh good heavens, we will not be making the switch to homemade toothpaste—at least not with this particular recipe. I don’t want to say anything too bad about it because I actually can see how you could get used to it. I think, though, that Jason was relieved when I admitted I didn’t think I could do it. For me it was mainly texture, partly taste—perhaps both. And I suppose that you could tweak it a bit to fix that (more baking soda? more peppermint?), but for now I’m going to concentrate on finding other uses for the rest of the coconut oil.

The same day I made toothpaste, however, I also made some baking soda “shampoo” and apple cider “conditioner.” I’m going to give going ‘Poo Free at least a month. So far, so good.

I’d be so eager to hear what other people do (or don’t do) to be healthy/crunchy/green/frugal/some or all of the above. What books and blogs do you read? What do you make instead of buy? What products do you use? Which ones do you do without? How do you decide? Discuss.


Sarah M

Sarah M

I agree. Things like life changes take years to do. We’ve been slowly working on all of the above for, oh, I’d say close to 4 years now. We’re at a good spot, but there’s always ‘more to do’.
No poo and home-made toothpaste, however, are just not on my priority list wink though I’ve heard they are good for others that have tried. I tried home-made deodorant once and let’s just say EVERYONE was happy when I went back to my standard dove bar wink That experiment won’t be repeated either.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your CSA and so are the boys!

BTW- subsitute coconut oil for any low-medium heat stir-fry (ethnic dishes, especially) or in exhange for ANY oils in baking. It’s good/healthy and with sweeter things gives the items just a bit more sweet. Also use on rough patches for skin for good ‘lotion’. (elbows, knuckles, etc.)


PS-I don’t know how “crunchy” it is, I think it is… but I love Lovely photos, making things in the kitchen, in the studio (crafting), and they garden and farm (chickens, pigs, etc.)...pretty much my ideal life, and very sweet, inspirational posts everyday.



seriously homemade toothpaste!! you know you could set up a stand at the farmers market and sale it!! simon and ian could do marketing for you with the cuteness they both have!! smile



I feel like I want to try *everything* once. Your toothpaste notion totally grabbed me… until you said it was wasn’t gonna fly at your house. So maybe I’ll bypass that one. But I definitely want to go No Poo for awhile. Did the homemade laundry detergent thing and will probably go back to it eventually. I loved grinding my own wheat and making bread for a few season (until we learned that whole wheat isn’t great for Jeremy’s kidney stone problems).

The reality for me right now is that I don’t need the extra stress of making homemade anything! So I’m giving myself a pass for the time being. But if/when the spirit hits, I’m sure I’ll try something new/crunchy/healthy again.

Lynnette Foster

Lynnette Foster

I use Tropical Traditions Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil cause it has no coconut flavor or smell as I don’t like that. But it never goes rancid, so I can buy large quantities and share with my family. wink

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