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Simon has always had quite a bit of hair. And it’s pretty crazy most of the time. It makes for some of the best bedhead ever, and, well, for better or for worse his hipster hair (bottom left) has kind of become his signature look.

Simon hair

Lately, Simon has mentioned a couple of times that “someday” he will shave his head like Daddy does—“When I get a little older, maybe,” he explains. Last night he was curled up next to Jason on the couch and said, “I will shave my head when I get to be a kuhdult [adult].” Jason said that sounded like a good idea. Then Simon added, “Yeah, when I grow up to be a daddy, maybe we can share the shaver [clippers] between us daddies.”

Jason didn’t have the heart to tell him that when he grows up to be a daddy he’ll live in his own house with his own family. I, of course, am not-so-secretly hoping that he will live close enough to actually making sharing the clippers practical.




You could write ridiculously lengthy passages of the things Simon says at age three and I’d read every single world. Love. it.

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