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Writing this post, the last for the Grand, is more bittersweet than I thought it would be. As I was looking through the archives to try to think of something either pithy or profound to write to wrap things up, neatly or otherwise, I came across a post that Charity wrote when she was just a couple of months away from getting married. In it, she said, “For those of you who don’t know, ‘The Grand’ isn’t a website, it’s a famhold . . . ” There is nothing that makes me more nostalgic for the famhold than this time of year—cold weather always triggers fond memories of the Lord of the Rings movies that were so much a part of our vernacular, and putting up the Christmas decorations, especially because I still live in the house, always recalls the year we prayed that we would have one more year together as roommates.

I have been writing in this space—first with the roommates, and later, just me—for close to nine years, which is a long time. And yet, in this case, the Grand isn’t the famhold or even the house; it’s a blog. And that, just by itself, doesn’t seem as weighty.

So with that said, I am nothing but thrilled to say that Jason built me a new site. And it looks really great—so great that I am a little intimidated to start writing there (but excited at the same time). Update your RSS feeds, your blog rolls, your hearts, and find me at Walk a Little Differently (read about the new name here).


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